Our Living Armor

What is the health of your skin worth? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? What a lot of people don't realize is just how important our skin is! Aside from holding the rest of our body intact (duh) it serves as our thermostat, body guard and manufacturing plant! It magically renews and refreshes itself! In some ways it is also capable of telling other people how we are feeling emotionally (HELLO, blushing) and in some cases the state of our health (acne, psoriasis, cholesterol deposits, i.e.). Even our eyeballs have skin! SO..... the moral of my story is to be as kind and nurturing to your skin as possible! Not only can dry, damaged skin signal internal health problems but also give the appearance you are aging faster than you actually are! I'm all for aging gracefully but I can't think of a single person who wants to expedite that process! Right?! ;)

If you need help with your skin, whether you have complaints or were blessed with naturally beautiful skin and you are looking to maintain it, Doctors of California Laser and Cosmetic Center is here to help! Complimentary Consultations are available with me (the esthetician ) and Dr. Jack Gutman.

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