Ultrasound to Plump and Hydrate

One of the best ways to plump, hydrate and infuse potent ingredients into the skin is to have a facial with Ultrasonophoresis technology. Whoa? What's that, you ask? Ultrasound has been around for decades, mostly for medical and imaging purposes. However, in the last several years Ultrasound facials have become very popular, especially with certain celebrities before they have to walk down the "Red Carpet!" The reason this treatment is so beloved is because it leaves your skin super plump, hydrated and glowy. Now who doesn't want that?! The plumping effect is temporary but with regular treatments the results are long-lasting. Antioxidants including Vitamins C and E, brightener's and anti-inflammatory ingredients are "pushed" via ultrasonic waves deep into the skin where they need to be in order to help correct whatever skin issues you may have. Our Ultrasound facials are customized to your needs and they tend to be very comfortable and relaxing (some people even fall asleep). We invite you or someone you know to enjoy a COMPLIMENTARY Ultrasound facial with us! That's right folks, first treatment is on the house! Call us at 714-998-9730 to make your appointment today!