Winter Wonderland

I just wanted to mention a few skin tips for those that are suffering with the Winter skin blues! Obviously here in southern California we have mild Winters, not a whole lotta action if you ask me! But it does dip into the 30s and 40s at night which for many people than means cranking up the thermostat! Turning on your heater can be brutal for skin, especially when you combine that with the cold dry air outside! Placing a small humidifier in your bedroom can help dramatically! Also now is the time to switch up your skincare. First rule is be more gentle with your skin. I'm looking at you scrubs!!! In fact, try not to use anything resembling a "scrub." The barrier function of the skin is much more sensitive and susceptible to damage and irritation. Even you if have oily and/or acneic skin you'll still want to use a heavier moisturizer and possibly a different cleanser. Take it easy with exfoliating ingredients....the old adage "If a little is good, more must be better" is not useful in this situation! Put down the Retin-A if your skin is red/peeling/irritated! Not that you shouldn't or couldn't use your AHA's and retinols during the Winter months, its just you need to take it easy and use them sparingly. If you're wondering which skin care products can alleviate your Winter skin woes come see us at Doctors of California!