The Wonders of Botox

Many people are doing it already. Many people have been doing it for years. Hmmm....I'm talking about Botox folks! This wonderful wrinkle-smoothing treatment has been around a lot longer than most people realize! For cosmetic issues it has been FDA-approved since 2002 and for therapeutic treatments since 1989! Most people are startled when I give them this info. Although popularity has definitely surged in the last few years Botox has thankfully been around long enough to have numerous studies back its safety record and millions of happy people to make it the most popular aesthetic treatment done today. Besides its fine-line vanishing capabilities it's also used for eye spasms, bladder spasms, excessive sweating, migraines and even cerebral palsy in children! And all those celebrities that tell us they're not doing it.....not true! Most people who get injected with Botox have no teltale signs! Botox is capable of smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and when injected correcty giving the face a 'refreshed' look..........not a 'startled" one! When getting Botox or any other injectables the most important thing to consider is to seek out experienced injectors who you feel comfortable with and listen to your aesthetic needs and goals. It never hurts to go in for a complimentary consultation and get all your questions answered!